Castell Capital

What we do

Castell Capital was formed to identify, acquire, and operate ONE company. We offer business owners a very different succession option from private equity firms and competitors. With our focus solely on the long-term growth and success of the acquired business, owners can exit with the comfort of knowing that the business and its employees are in the capable hands of a motivated team that will continue to build on the previous owner's accomplishments.

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Investment Criteria

We are looking to acquire a business with $5-$40 million in revenue, $1-$5 million EBITDA, recurring revenue, a growing industry, service-based, and a history of reliable positive cash-flows.


Castell Capital is run by an experienced and successful entrepreneur who will join your management team to build upon the great business you've built. Our operational partner brings hands-on experience in multiple industries with success growing revenues and profits. In addition to his experience, engaged investors and advisors bring expertise and experience from building businesses worth billions of dollars.
We would love to discuss your business and the many options for you to exit your company on your terms. We are willing to find ways to allow you to reach liquidity and opportunities to benefit in the continued growth of your business.